Online master’s degree in music

Do you have passion for music? If yes, an online master’s degree in music will prepare you for a career in music thus enabling you to be a professional performer, music artist, composer and music conductor, music educators and studio teacher. Also, an online degree is a very convenient method of studying, you can use essay online services to achieve more success.

Getting a master’s degree in music usually takes one to two years and it is entirely studied online.

Master’s degree in music will give you rigorous training in your chosen areas such as:

  1. Music education
  2. Piano performance
  3. Voice performance
  4. Composition

Most of these online degrees offer students special attention through personal mentorship from the music faculty in order to help them nourish their skills and expertise as they embark on a journey to become professionals in music.

There are several courses which one can expect to study while undertaking an online master degree in music and these are:

  1. Voice and opera
  2. Piano pedagogy
  3. Violin, guitar and stringed music instruments
  4. Musicology and ethnomusicology
  5. Music performance
  6. Music pedagogy
  7. Jazz and jazz studies
  8. Music (general)
  9. Music teacher education

Career opportunities for master’s degree in music

Graduates with this degree program have various career opportunities to pursue depending on their chosen field, gifts and talents and these career option include:

  1. Singer or professional musician
  2. Composer
  3. Music teacher – Instrument instructor
  4. Vocal teacher
  5. Orchestra member
  6. Conductor
  7. Recording artist
  8. Studio musician
  9. Soloist
  10. Opera singer

Potential earnings from a degree in music:

Earnings for graduates or professionals in music tend to vary and the reason being, there are a different specialization that exists in the music industry and also it depends on one’s chosen field they specialize in.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median hourly earnings for musicians and singers were $21.24/per hour as of May 2008. While the 50 percent of these professionals earned between $11.49 and $36.36 /per hour.

The lowest 10 percent earned less than $7.64 /per hour, while the highest paid 10 percent made $59.92/per hour.

Median annual wages of salaried music directors and composer were $41,270 as of May 2008. While the 50 percent earned between $26,480 and $63,200. The highest 10 percent earned more than $107,280.